Project Management Reimagined

Imagine a world where you can stop worrying about how to manage your workload and get back to focus on building great projects!

Powerful, yet simple

We built Integro for machine builders, to allow them to manage all aspects of the project lifecycle with one powerful, yet simple solution.


The clue is in the name

We all want to develop our business, but we don't want to exacerbate existing problems. Attempting to bring growth into an already stretched business without the right systems in place is a recipe for pain.

Integro will enable you to integrate growth into your business efficiently and sustainably without the pain.


Start as you mean to finish

Integro's single purpose is to enable machine builders to manage the complete project lifecycle in one integrated solution. We have embedded our years of experience working with industry leaders to embed best practice into the core of Integro. Our Lean approach to very business function removes waste and delivers efficiencies for our users throughout the complete project lifecycle.


Get setup quickly

Most ERP systems deservedly have a reputation for being notoriously difficult to use. That's why we are obsessive about removing all unnecessary obstacles to a great user experience. Every feature is intuitive and allows the users to get what they want when they want as simply as possible.

Work together

Built for collaboration

Machine building requires teamwork right from the initial enquiry to the design, build and installation. Integro will enable your team to collaborate seamlessly and efficiently. It will enable you to accurately capture, retain and disseminate project information to the right people in an uncomplicated, intuitive manner.


Six steps to success

Purchasing Integro is only the beginning, our proven 6 implementations phases will ensure that working together, Integro will be finely tuned to your individual needs.

1. Workshop
2. Plan
3. Train
4. Test
5. Go Live
6. Support

Available 24/7

Amazing support team

If you're not happy then we're not happy. That is why we will make sure you are fully supported through implementation, training and instant ongoing telephone and email support.

Available 24/7

Accessible everywhere

Integro is a web-based cross-platform solution hosted in the cloud and can run on multiple operating systems and devices. All you need is a browser and you can access your information anywhere in the world.

What customers are saying

We believe that Integro is a world-class business platform for machine builders, but why take our word for it? Let's see what our users have to say.

“We're delighted we chose Integro. I now have the information I need at my fingertips; the visual dashboards give our management team the KPI's to understand performance and identify the areas needing focus. Integro has proven to be a key enabler of our business growth.”

Vivian (Brady) Farrell
Chief Executive Officer
“Integro gives me complete visibility of what my production team are working on. I can monitor their activities, progress and set measurable goals using the simple but powerful interface. It provides me with the ability to drill down in each process and process.”

alan obrien
Alan O'Brien
Production Manager
“Integro ERP provides us with seamless transfer of our Bill of Materials from multiple CAD platforms into its procurement system.
We've eliminated erroneous and duplicative data entry tasks and provided the direct transfer of data to procurement and production.”

Ger kennedy
Gerard Kennedy
Engineering Manager
“The financial modules in Integro ERP are fully integrated allowing our department to streamline our financial procedures and completely eradicate unnecessary duplication.”

Sandra McCoy
Accounts Manager
“We have been working with Martin for a couple of years and Integro has transformed our company and literally given us wings!”

Imelda Kehoe
Production Director
“Integro's procurement and supply chain modules have reduced the time we spend on processing orders and enables us to manage our supply chain proactively and effectively.”

Keith Morel
Procurement Manager

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