The Integro team have been busy recently developing new features for the Proposals and Projects areas.  We’ve made it even easier for you to navigate your way around Proposals and Projects as well as adding lots of more detailed information to get crucial information faster.


Quick Navigation Flyout

You can now get an overview of the complete proposal structure via the expandable panel on right side of proposal page. Using this flyout, you can:

  • view the cost and hours for each module or station;
  • navigate to a specific module or station by merely clicking on it;
  • move around the proposal much more quickly;
  • understand the layout of the proposal schema in a single view.
  1. Click then Overview Tab
  2. Click a station or module to view it

Financial breakdown inside module and station

There is a new panel inside every module and station to show the financial analysis.

Proposal Protection

While a proposal is in a Pre-Proposal state, different departmental users can edit it. However, when Pre-Proposal has been un-ticked, only members of the commercial team can edit it.

Budget Changes After Conversion

Previously you could not change the material budget after a project had been c, now you can edit material costs in a proposal this will update the project’s material budget.

New Search All Sales Line Items Page

We have added a new Search All Sales Line Items page that will list the sales line items across all proposals in the system.  Goto Sales > All Sales Line Items.

Converting Empty Processes

Now when you convert a proposal, it will exclude processes that have zero hours.  These proposal processes are not converted to the project unless their process type is marked as always convert to project in the Process Settings page.

Automatic Status Change

After you email a proposal, Integro will update the sent date and status.  The sent date is set to the current date and time, and the status will be updated to Awaiting Response unless the proposal is already Won.

Payment Terms Required

You can now only email a proposal if payment term adding up to 100% are on the proposal.

Reorder sales line items

You can now reorder sales line items by drag and drop.  In the sales line items grid, you can change the order they are displayed in by dragging and dropping.

This order will persist to any reports.

Proposal Summaries Collapsed

The grids in the summary tabs will all be collapsed as default.

Detailed Parts Dropdown

We’ve added a more detailed parts dropdown.  Inside a station in the proposal parts grid, the catalogue of parts dropdown will display item price and date last ordered columns.

Edit Material Remaining Figure

You can now edit the remaining material figure in the project page.  When you edit the material remaining figure, a ‘Date Manually Changed’ will display beside it, indicating when it was last manually changed.

Any changes to purchase orders sent before this date will not affect this figure however changes to orders sent after this date affect the future material remaining.

Other Project Changes


• When a project is closed, Integro will set the material remaining and hours remaining to zero.
• Purchase Orders list in a project now has the same colour coding as the primary purchase order list.
• The Edit Project Processes list now displays project type and customer delivery date.

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