Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than trying to solve them.

Henry Ford

At Integro we love it when our users suggest ways in which we can improve our software. During July we have combined our roadmap with your suggestions to deliver even more enhancements to you.

General Changes

Confidential Notes

In the notes section with appears at the bottom of most detail screens, we have added a button to allow you to mark a note as confidential.  When a note is marked as confidential only the creator of the note or people who have the specific permission to view confidential notes for that system type (e.g. proposal, purchase order, sales invoice, etc.), can view the note or its attachments.

Human Resources

My Hub

We have added a completely new feature called My Hub.  It is unique to each user and will offer a tailored experience based on the users’ roles within the business.  Below are some of the features we have built into the hub.

Personal Profile

You can update your profile within the hub.


Other Hub Functionality

  • Add and remove team members
  • Add and remove monitored projects
  • View reports specific to you, such as:
    • Team Activity
    • Project Performance


When assigning a task to a timeslot, the tasks dropdown will only display tasks that are linked to processes on your employee profile.

Copying Entries

To help you save time in entering timesheet data, we’ve added new features to the timesheet. You can now:

  1. Copy the previous entry’s details into the current entry.
  2. Copy any entry to the following day.


Project Management

Change Requests

Keeping track of engineering changes within a project is a difficult task, sometimes they may not be appropriately costed or billed to the customer.  Other times changes are not adequately communicated to the relevant personnel.  We are excited to announce that Integro will now include a completely new Change Management module which will make this task a little easier.

External Change


Price Calculations

We have now added summaries for proposal costs to include costs including and excluding contingencies.

This screenshot displays the breakdown of cost and margin with (1) and without (2) contingency.

This screenshot displays two new gauges showing the overall margin using contingency and without contingency.

Drag n Drop

You can now drag and drop files onto a proposal to add it to the list of communications.
NOTE: You have to click ‘Add’ after you drop the file to save it.

Labour Summary Tab

We have added two new columns to the Labour Summary tab; Hours and Contingency Hours.  These columns total the hours for the process across all modules and stations.

Other Proposal Enhancements

  • You can now mark a proposal as Is Internal; this will exclude the proposal from financial reports.


Project Completion

If you mark a project complete after the planned finish date you will be presented with a pop-up screen in which you must enter the reason for the overdue completion.


Outstanding Payment Terms

If the Date to Issue is blank or earlier than the current date the row will be highlighted as overdue.  This will act as a reminder to issue a sales invoice or adjust the date. 

This date is important for predicting future cashflow. When a sales invoice is sent the sent date will automatically update unless there is already a date in that field.

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