There are two figures to keep in mind when it comes to labour rates, the internal and external rate per hour.

The Integro team have been busy updating the project dashboard with a lot more useful information.  We have broken down budgets and costs even further to enable you to analyse project performance in more detail.

Historically we have been unable to separate material procurement from external costs; i.e. they have all appeared as purchase orders assigned to projects.  This did not give a completely accurate picture of material, expenses or subcontractor performance versus budgets.

We have now added new metadata to purchase orders that link them more accurately to the budget they should be deducted from, e.g. material, other expense or subcontractor labour.

We will be rolling out the new project dashboard mid-December 2019, but below is a preview of what to expect!

Quick Tip

We have added explanatory tooltips to each of the data points, hopefully, this will help clarify any figures you are not sure about.

Overall Cost Analysis

We have added some new data points to the overall project analysis column.

  1. Cost-to-Date: the total of all actual costs to date
  2. Summarised breakdown of each projected total.
  3. Budget Usage: The portion of the internal budget the project is projected to consume.

NEW! Externals Breakdown

We have added a brand new column to capture all projects externals, (materials, expenses, reimbursements and sub-contractor labour).

The column includes:

  1. A visual indicator that displays the projected gross profit across all externals and the proposal target margin.
  2. Proposal income and budget.
  3. Actual and projected costs
  4. An analysis of the internal budget v the actual and projected costs.
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